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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kibblewhite Precision Machining

KPMI Extends Valve Program to bring Selected Third Party Profiles up to its Own Standards

Based in Pacifica, California, leading valve train specialist Kibblewhite Precision Machining (KPMI) says it has responded to an increase in demand for its grade of products by updating several third party valve profiles that are currently on the market to meet its own design, manufacturing and quality control standards.

“We aim to provide a full line of Harley valves that crossover with the AV&V product line. Through this merging of styles, we are able to bring a new set of Black Diamond Valves to the market for Harley-Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam applications. We are also offering valve profiles that are compatible with aftermarket heads produced by S&S and Merch Motors.
“In addition, we are proud to present our first bimetallic White Diamond Blank Valves, which provide the ability to flame/induction harden tips as necessary after machining custom valve lengths and profiles.”
Founded in 1939 by James L. Kibblewhite and taken over by his son William, KPMI is respected worldwide for its range of over 3,000 ready-made powertrain components and its contract manufacturing, engineering, prototyping, and limited or full production runs for OEM and other parties.
Noted for quality control and investments in materials and high performance valvetrain research for 4-stroke engines, KPMI encompasses over 20,000 square feet of machine shop, office, engineering, and warehouse space and has spent the past few years aggressively updating its operations with eleven of the latest model CNC lathes (2010 and later), CAD, CAM, and custom machining equipment. Its “engineering department and machinists are ready and waiting to assist with custom requirements and drive ongoing production of high performance valvetrain systems for 4-stroke engines.”