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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Custom Chrome Europe

BDL Bagger 2” Open Belt Drives

From Californian specialist Belt Drives Ltd (BDL), these 2” open belt drives for Baggers are serious duty power handlers for ’07-‘16 Touring models with 6-speed hydraulic clutch.
In stock in Europe at Custom Chrome Europe, they are available in black or chrome, polished or wrinkle black finishes and feature BDL’s 2-piece motor plate.

The kits include a 69-tooth, 2” wide Bagger Basket, 52-tooth Twin Cam style front pully, 132-2” K Glass primary belt and BDL’s standard splined clutch hub.
They feature a complete set of 15 clutch plates, BDL’s ‘90 and up 6-hole ball bearing pressure plate, six-hole diaphragm spring collar, six-hole diaphragm spring, hydraulic clutch adjuster with retaining ring and a set of six shoulder bots (.750”).