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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


New battery activation made easy – and fast!

New battery activation is important to guarantee new batteries will deliver their rated power and cranking amps for longer than the warranty offered by the manufacturer - but doing so is never a dealer’s favorite way to spend time! 

One thing dealers don’t have in abundance is time. New battery activation can take a long time, and when under pressure to have a new vehicle ready for a customer within hours, it is an often overlooked but important aspect of pre-delivery preparation.
Since the 1990s TecMate has made battery activation easier for dealers and OEMs alike. Many motorcycle OEMs recommend TecMate’s OptiMate PRO-S battery charger and tester and the OptiMate PRO-4 4-bank version – both have automated battery activation and reduce the task to the level of ‘quick and easy’. 
After the acid pack has completely drained into the battery and a sealing strip has been fitted, they activate a new battery within an hour - and do so easily - all the technician has to do is Select NEW and connect the battery. Done! Yes, it really is that easy!
During NEW activation OptiMate PRO’s unique Ampmatic charge method and pulsing absorption mode fully activates all six cells and brings the battery from 70% to full charge within an hour or less. The green TEST light confirms the new battery is charged and ready for fitment.

For new factory activated batteries that may have been in storage for up to a year or more, there is a 2A and 4A selection that allows more time if needed. The best practice for factory activated batteries is to recharge every three months, in order to prevent ‘killer’ sulphation build-up weakening the battery. If a battery did sulphate to the point that it does not hold charge any longer, OptiMate PRO’s two-step recovery mode can bring it back from as low as 2 volts.
Smart dealers will, of course, know that fitting an OptiMate cable O-01 weatherproof battery lead allows them to upsell the customer on an OptiMate battery saving maintainer, so they don’t ever have to experience that battery being returned ‘under warranty’. OptiMate O-01 cables are available in four packs, a jar of 20 and even a box of 100.
There’s nothing worse than watching a new customer struggle with weak starting – giving them access to that immediate surge of full power straight away brings the grin that brings them back.