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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


New and improved BikeMaster
motorcycle oil

BikeMaster, known for its “robust and competitively priced line of aftermarket parts and accessories,” has launched a new and improved line of motorcycle oils.

The full line of motorcycle engine oil carries an API standard of SL and a JASO rating of MA2. The company says that this JASO MA2 rating is the highest rating available with only 35-40% of market competitors meeting this standard, making it perfect for engines that share the same lubricating clutch and transmission oil.

“BikeMaster oil has better extreme pressure properties and higher film strength, offering superior transmission protection and operation,” said Katie Qatato, Brand Specialist for BikeMaster.
“Not only have we made improvements to the formula itself, but we’ve also upgraded our packaging to foil sealed bottles and heavy-duty cartons, so they can withstand more of what happens in the shipping process. Plus, we kept the pricing ultra-competitive, so it’s an incredible value.” Manufactured, blended and bottled in the USA.