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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Q-Pak Quad Valve Manifold System

Q-Pak is a new concept in air suspension component terms – a quad valve manifold system - that “redefines air suspension management,” according to Jeff Schwindt, founder and manufacturer of AirFX.

Schwindt says: “The new Q-Pak quad valve manifold system is a motorcycle-specific product that delivers outstanding performance. Its compact design (2.5” x 2.0” x 2.5”) has the smallest footprint in this category.”
The package comes complete with all the fittings installed, a muffler and electrical plug with 3 feet of wiring harness ready for installation, and Schwindt says that AirFX tests every system prior to shipping.
“The Q-Pak is an extremely efficient package, drawing only 0.4 amps, which allows for a wide range of installations from new to existing systems. Made by us here in the USA, it is fully serviceable and features a 300 PSI operating range rated manifold with built in air filters for long life and safe operation.”
Available direct from AirFX or through its distribution partner, Hawg Halters.