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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Parts Europe

Special Offer from Parts Europe on J.W. Speaker Adaptive Headlights

The program of advanced Adaptive series headlights from Germantown, Wisconsin based J.W. Speaker is now available to dealers in Europe through Parts Europe.
Described as “the world’s first dynamically Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight,” they are said to “dynamically fill in the darkness caused by lighting black spots created by fixed conventional fixed lights with bright, white light, making riders feel safer and more comfortable.”

Backed by a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty, they use on-board sensors and advanced electronics to calculate bank angles on a real-time basis, automatically directing the light array up or down as the motorcycle leans and intelligently “tune” low beam and banking optics in a way that maximizes visibility in corners.
Designed with an integrated optical system that includes both an adaptive low beam as well as J.W. Speaker’s proprietary ComfortLite high beam, they are said to “provide best-in-class foreground illumination and light “above the horizon” that dramatically improves” the night-time driving experience.
Made with a heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing and state-of-the-art LEDs, the “sleek design not only delivers premium performance, but also gives the bike a unique look.” Available as a plug ‘n’ play solution for 7″ round motorcycle fairings and 5.75″ round bucket mounts, they are DOT and ECE dual compliant “with 18 different fitment kits available to make them a simple retrofit install on over 1,000 different motorcycles.”
Available in Canada through Parts Canada and the United States through Drag Specialties, Parts Europe has a special offer for its dealers in Europe – order a mix of three J.W.Speaker headlights by April 17th and this POS display is free – with free additional headlight for it.
European Dealers looking to access Drag Specialties or other European held Parts Europe inventory at the weekend can take advantage of PE’s new “Happy Monday” delivery service. Monday delivery is available on orders placed by 16:00 hours (CET) on a Saturday afternoon (UPS Express); an English language payment and processing phone service is available between 14.00-16.00 to support PE dealers looking to use this service. The existing freight policy standards for each country will be retained.