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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

S&S Cycle

S&S M-8 cam install kits

Drag Specialties is offering a large selection of Viola, Wisconsin based manufacturer S&S Cycle’s replacement, service and performance upgrade options for Harley’s 2017 Milwaukee-Eight engined Tourers.

This chain drive cam installation kit includes everything needed for a successful gear or chain driven cam service and installation, including inner cam bearing, cam cover gasket and O-rings and, for gear driven cam installations, a tensioner block-off plate.
A two-gear set is required for M-8 gear-driven cams that do not come with secondary cam gears – this two-gear set from S&S includes the outer cam drive gear, pinion drive gear and mounting hardware.

Due to the inherent characteristics of gear drives, increased valve train noise is common with gear driven cams, so S&S has separately available oversized and undersized pinion gears available to help achieve correct gear lash.