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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Brock’s Performance

Extreme performance ‘Bagger’ swingarm

Dayton, Ohio based Brock’s Performance is offering new, hand-crafted performance aluminum extended (0 – 3” over) Bagger swingarms. Described as 100 percent bolt-on designs, they can be used with the OEM rear wheel, caliper, spacers and associated components.

Engineered for use in high-power, high-torque applications, the optional 28mm DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) hollow steel axle is proven to 350 ft-lbs; the 3-position shock mounts (+1” forward, standard, -1 rearward) allow flexibility in ride height and billet axle adjusters/ends + grade 8 steel adjuster bolts prevent axle slide.

They have replaceable Aurora PTFE lined spherical bearings pre-installed, shed up to 50% of unsprung weight vs. the OEM swingarm, and are available in a natural brushed aluminum finish.
Brock’s say that “our 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum extrusion means dependable strength, and we know we are offering unequaled craftsmanship, engineering and weld quality.”