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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Daytona Twin Tec

External ignition kits

Daytona Twin Tec external ignition kits allow the use of an external ignition to help prevent heat related ignition failures by replacing heat sensitive internal nose cone style ignitions.

The kit includes the 1007EX ignition module, an OEM style cam position sensor with highly sensitive Hall effect sensor and rotor cup, adapter harness, mounting stand-offs with screws, and a parts bag with a 4-pin male/female connector/pins/sockets along with Packard Weather Pack connectors for single-fire coil and tachometer hook-up.
This ignition is exempt per CARB Executive Order (E.O.) D-641-1. A Daytona Twin Tec single-fire coil and universal spark plug wire kit is available separately and is easily installed with this ignition kit.
Available for all carbureted ’70-‘99 1340cc Evo and ’71-‘03 Sportsters.