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Tuesday, 3 October 2017


Carbon grip pads for polished rotors

There are plenty of manufacturers and customizers who like to use polished brake rotors, but how many times are they able to source brake pads specifically formulated to work with a polished rotor surface?

So here is some good news from Italy in the shape of these Polished Rotor Pads (PRP) from Ferodo. There aren’t many motorcycle brands left still in production with quite the history and international motorsports profile that Ferodo carried with it into the 21st century. Under the ownership of American multi-national Federal-Mogul for the past 20 years, Ferodo is a storied brand that owes its origins to the earliest days of the motorcycle industry and wider motorsports market. 

Sales Director John Davies

It is right up there with other legendary British names such as Castrol, Avon, Bates, Lucas and countless motorcycle brands – from Arial, BSA, Velocette and Matchless to Brough, Vincent, Triumph, Royal Enfield and Norton – all of which have been equipped with Ferodo pads at various times, making Ferodo as much an institution as a brand.
We only have a handful of so called “Legacy” brands left as we head towards the third decade of the 21st century, but the good news is that not only is Ferodo alive and well, but still making brake pads that are at the cutting-edge of contemporary manufacturing technology and materials science. Its Polished Rotor Pads are a case in point - a state-of-the-art formulation specifically made and sold for V-twin and custom bike use.

Dyno testing

Part of Ferodo’s popular ‘Carbon Grip’ range, they are a carbon based composite formula that is bound together with organic resin. The result is a powerful combination of braking virtues for the custom market - excellent stopping power, lower heat generation, reduced brake dust generation and minimized rotor scoring.
On a recent visit to their manufacturing facility near Turin in Italy, Ferodo’s Sales Director John Davies told AMD that “the PRP pad is specifically designed for applications and owners for which disc appearance is a primary consideration. 

“The pad composition has been optimized to maintain performance, whilst minimizing deposition and scoring. Non-depositing lubricants carefully balance out the effect of the abrasive components so that friction output is maintained whilst avoiding streaks and score marks, with the result that even polished rotors retain their lustre. “The PRP achieves all this while providing the stopping power expected from a premium brake pad.”