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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

V-Twin Expo 2017 Review part 3

V-Twin Expo 2017 review part 3

Baker Drivetrain: “Get ready, it’s almost ready.” The Street version of Baker’s much trailed “tightly tuned” mod-free install GrudgeBox’ overdrive 6-speed late model builder’s kit will feature straight cut 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, helical 4th, 5th and 6th and is designed and geared for everyday highway riders with modern H-D horsepower – 2006 and later Dynas and 2007 and up Softails and Tourers. The Strip variant will have straight 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gears, and is designed and geared for “performance buffs, racers and speed freaks seeking negligible power loss.”


Two Brothers Racing (TBR): Recent new products from the Californian exhaust manufacturer include ‘Comp’ series full systems for M-8 Fls, Scout models, Street Bob, Lowrider, Wide Glide or Fat Bob Dyna models and FXRs – plus this TBR “Power Tower” dealer POS introduced by TBR V-twin Sales Manager Mark Jacobs;


Blackmore Manufacturing: Showcasing his recently updated ‘Wedge II’ frame mounted fairing, Bill Blackmore went “Back to the Future” for a concept made famous by the ‘Vetter’ fairings of the 1970s and 1980s – “a frame-mounted fairing is inherently more stable,” says Bill. “It offers more wind protection and storage, and is less affected by side winds and the kind of pressure wave that every biker experiences when an 18-wheeler passes them on the Freeway.” Manufactured in TPO (thermoplastic olefin or olefinic thermoplastic elastomers), an advanced form of ABS that has significant manufacturing process and durability advantages, each ‘Wedge’ fairing is supplied with a complete mounting kit, including all necessary brackets, fasteners and a wiring harness, in a finish that needs minimal preparation for paint;;


Barnett Clutches & Cables: Recent new products from the respected Californian cables to clutches manufacturer include complete Scorpion clutch assemblies for ‘07-’16 Big Twins, clutch kits for 2017 FLs, Scorpion series clear derby covers, Big Twin clutch spring conversion kits, clutch cables for ‘14-’16 Chief, Chieftain, Roadmaster and Scout models;


Darkhorse Crankworks: The Newton, Wisconsin based division of Hoban Brothers is renowned for its blue-printed engine re-manufacturing and performance upgrade programs. Their “Man-O-War” Signature series crankshaft for 4 3/8” early and late and 4 5/8” late A-models came about as a result of distributor and dealer requests for new Darkhorse certified crankshaft assemblies. In partnership with top USA flywheel manufacturers who supply precision matched components, “Man-O-War” crankshafts are “affordable, top-of-the line crankshafts designed and built specifically for an intended application and customer, for a bottom end that will surely strengthen your bottom line,” says General Manager John Dahmer, seen here right. “This is a product that will stand the test of time and torque. Our H-beam chromoly connecting rods have centerlines that are machined to within .0003” of each other. They are the only rod that can provide you a true .001” stack-up tolerance – increasingly the industry standard”;


Design Engineering Inc (DEI): A year ago, the award-winning Avon Lake, Ohio based noise control and thermal barrier specialist Design Engineering Inc. introduced an updated version of its award-winning flexible heat shields to include additional sizes and premium finishes. Since then further additions to the DEI range have included their Protective Split Sleeve – “great way to add additional protection to exposed wire looms, hoses and cables,” according to DEI’s Director of Motorcycle Products Brian VanKoevering. Most recently DEI has extended its best-selling titanium exhaust wrap with LR (lava rock) technology with a great looking satin black finish edition. Extremely popular with customizers and performance tuners, installation is easy because the material is more pliable and no pre-wetting is needed. It is temperature resistant to 1,800 degrees F (nearly 1,000 degrees C) and available in all of Design Engineering’s popular roll lengths;