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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Khrome Werks

Khrome Werks 2017 touring options

New from Khrome Werks for 2017 Tourers, this 4.50” ‘HP-Plus’ slip-on is said to have been “engineered for performance, style and sound.”

4.5”slip-ons, seen here in black, tipped

The company says they have been dyno-tested to show an 8% increase in torque and a 13% increase in power, “producing the Khrome Werks signature authoritative tone without annoying high-frequency noises.”
Available in a choice of slash-cut or billet tipped in either triplex nickel chrome or black, they feature a 50” 16-gauge muffler body, and a new absorptive baffle covered with stainless steel matt and high- temp fiberglass that has been developed specifically for the 2017 Milwaukee-Eight. A bolt-in optional insert is available that complies with SAE J2825 sound test with no appreciable loss of performance.

Patent pending Torque Booster conversion kit, seen here in chrome, tipped

Also seen here, Khrome Werks’ 2-into-1 patent pending Torque Booster conversion kit is said to “redefine the cost of performance,” delivering the “unmatched performance a 2-into-1 system offers, without the cost or installation of a full exhaust system.”
The 2-into-1 Torque Booster conversion kit converts an existing 2017 stock header into a “torque and power-producing” 2-into-1 system. The kit includes the 50” 16-gauge 4.50” ‘HP-Plus’ slip-on muffler and a uniquely designed 2-into-1 converter.
Khrome Werks says that the combination delivers “the instant power that a 2-into-1 exhaust system provides, with performance increases up to 14%.” The same new baffle is used with optional insert available.