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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


OptiMate 4 - Version 3 has landed

First introduced in 2008, TecMate’s OptiMate 4 quickly became established as one of the most popular battery chargers in their line-up. 

Version 2, introduced in 2010, had two major updates - high frequency, fully electronic power conversion (able to receive global 100 – 240Vac power) and a dual program feature. Program 1 gave direct charging to a 12V battery via the battery clips or permanent battery leads with M6 (1/4”) rings; program 2 allowed charging to be activated through the CAN bus controlled 12V power port on motorcycles such as Beemers -  OptiMate 4’s keyless program communicated seamlessly with the CAN bus control and guaranteed 24-7 maintenance without the need of supervision.
The keyless entry and additional features, such as the ability to save a battery from as low as 0.5V and pre- and post-charging testing (allowing the user to monitor charge progress), quickly made the OptiMate 4 dual program the most popular and trusted charger in global powersport. 
The new Version 3 retains all these advantages and more. The more efficient power circuitry (California approved) now delivers 1 Amp of charge current, and refinements in the software control further speeds charging - with the visual LED instructions on the charger itself helping keep the user informed of charge progress at a glance.
Two models of the Version 3 are available - the standard V3 OptiMate 4 and a dedicated BMW CAN bus edition.