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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

EMD (Esteves Motorcycle Designs)

Back to the future with cast rocker box covers

With the family’s engineering credentials in the European aerospace and other industries, personal riding passion saw Nico Esteves take the family name into the custom bike building and parts design and manufacturing business six years ago.

XR ‘Trackster’ rocker box covers - give Evo Sportsters an XR750 flat track racer look
Iron Evo rocker box covers – designed to add a vintage look to Evo engines

EMD (Esteves Motorcycle Designs) has now seen their fast-growing parts and accessory program picked up by Drag Specialties, and seen here are the cast rocker box covers featured in the 2017 ‘FatBook’.

‘Sherman’ rocker box covers – bolt-on upgrades for 1999 – 2017 Twin Cam engines, these stock replacements “add cool, rigid, old-fashioned industrial style and class”

Shovel style rocker box covers – for retro look Shovelhead styling conversions on Evo engines

Manufactured in die cast aluminum with CNC-milled gasket surfaces, they mount in place of the stock rocker box designs, using the factory hardware and gaskets.
They are available in raw finish or EMD’s own ‘Black Cut’ finish.