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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

MC Baggers

Updated ‘Steel Kore’ rake kit

MC Baggers have updated their ‘Steel Kore’ rake kit for ’14 and up touring models with 26” wheel set-up, making it possible to complete a 26” build without the need to make any changes to the inner components of the factory fork.

In other words, there is now no need to extend the factory forks. Included with every kit are the extended fork cans, pre-cut and measured Goodridge brake lines, and their patent-pending MC Baggers ABS bearing.
The installation leaves a total rake of 38 degrees, with a 5.85-inch trail number. From the rear axle to front axle, the wheelbase length is only 5 inches longer than the stock/factory. The ground clearance will be 0.5 inch lower than the stock/factory clearance.
The fender travel (from the top of the fender to the bottom of the lower triple) is 4.5 inches - the bike’s stock frame is actually lower than the bottom-most part of the kit, “providing an unprecedented amount of clearance.” 

“We can confidently state that when you experience this new version of our ‘closer’ (to the bike body) ‘Steel Kore’ rake kit, you will realize that our kits are without peer in the industry in terms of quality, fit and finish and attention to detail, as well as in the quality of the ride.”