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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Firebrand Design

Rip-Rod slip-ons

Californian manufacturer Firebrand’s new Rip-Rod slip-ons are retro style ripple pipe and old school end caps to “deliver a modern variation on the glory days when guys chopped, channelled and raced whatever they could get their hands on to prove who was coolest.”

Rip-Rod slip-ons feature 2 ¼” rippled muffler bodies that match up perfectly to the stock heat shields, and are finished off with hot rod style billet end caps for a “clean, narrow look.”   Internally, 1 ¾” maintenance-free spiral louver core baffles “deliver that distinct classic sound.”

Available as a complete kit for Sportsters, or individually as a universal fitment part in show quality chrome with black ceramic tips or black with gold ceramic tips.