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Friday, 4 November 2016


Condor Garage Dolly

Meet the space-saving Condor Garage Dolly – “the easiest and safest way to move any motorcycle around the workshop or motorcyclist’s garage,” according to the Cortland, Illinois based manufacturer.

“Just ride or push the motorcycle onto the Garage Dolly until it locks into the built-in wheel chock”. The patented cradle adjusts to accommodate virtually any motorcycle “from heavy baggers and cruisers to sport bikes and dirt bikes.”
Rolling on 4” multi-directional wheels, the adjustable Garage Dolly can roll the bike to any tight spot and even cope with large cracks and pitted floors. Four large brake stops make for secure loading and unloading.
It is made from lightweight, high strength aluminum with a load rating of 1300 lbs and measures 90” long (expandable to 94”), has a deck dimension of 12” wide (24” wide at the wheel brackets) and can be folded or wall-mounted for storage.
Condor also offers a Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop and Trailer-Only chock for safe, secure transportation of motorcycles.