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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Blackmore Manufacturing

The ‘Wedge II’ fairing for mid-sized motorcycles

Last year we featured Blackmore Manufacturing’s new ‘Wedge’ frame mount fairing for Dyna, FXR and Sportster models.
The company has now updated its design, using TPO rather than fiberglass in the construction of the ‘Wedge II’.  TPO (thermoplastic olefin or olefinic thermoplastic elastomers) is an advanced form of ABS that has significant manufacturing process and durability advantages.

The ‘Wedge II’ has the same stability and wind protection as the original, but it weighs less, offers increased storage, easy installation of radio and speakers, a finished surface that requires very little preparation before painting, and improved resistance to the effects of solar UV radiation.
The ‘Wedge II’ offers four windshield options from 7 to 18 inches and headlight rings and turn signals that come in standard black or optional chrome.
Bill Blackmore, who designed and manufactures the ‘Wedge II’, says the design and concept for a frame-mounted fairing goes back to a very well known fairing that was extremely popular in the 1970s and 1980s.

“As a young man I sold Hondas at a big dealership, and I was exposed to the ‘Vetter’ fairing at the same time. I sold a lot of Hondas, and a lot of those left the store with a Vetter fairing fitted. Since then I’ve had a frame-mounted fairing on most of my motorcycles.
“I like the stability and the comfort that a good frame-mounted fairing offers. I bought a second-hand FXRT that was fitted with the ugliest fairing I’ve ever seen, the bike looked like a pretty girl in need of a new dress. So I built a fairing from fiberglass for the FXR. When I started to ride that bike, people always asked where they could get one of their own, and that’s how the ‘Wedge’ came about.
“A frame-mounted fairing is inherently more stable. It offers more wind protection and storage, and is less affected by side winds and the kind of pressure wave that every biker experiences when an 18-wheeler passes them on the Freeway.”
Each ‘Wedge’ fairing is supplied with a complete mounting kit, including all necessary brackets, fasteners and a wiring harness, in a finish that needs minimal preparation for paint.