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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Vance & Hines

Vance & Hines RaceShop Components

Back in February we featured the first product released by Vance & Hines in their new RaceShop Components program – valves and spring kits for Twin Cam engines.
The Santa Fe Springs, California, and Indianapolis based manufacturer has since released more additions to the range – a range that sees the market-leading exhaust manufacturer leveraging founder Byron Hines’ and Terry Vance’s race credentials and expertise to produce a line of components for street bikes that owes its pedigree to their decades of success on the drag strip.

“Our high performance products are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment, utilizing stringent quality control procedures to significantly improve all components for prolonged durability and reliability,” says VP of Sales & Marketing John Potts.
“Whether building a street performance engine or a drag motor, Vance & Hines engine components are drop-in upgrades providing needed stability while reducing premature wear. All components are made to exacting tolerances ensuring maximized performance.”
The additions include these high performance “Bolt-In” camshafts for 2006 – 2016 Dyna, 2007 – 2016 Softail and 2007 – 2016 Touring models. Designed with a silent ramp profile, which is said to eliminate valvetrain noise, they ship with high performance inner cam bearings and a Cometic gasket set.

Their high performance pushrods are made from hardened and tempered 4130 Chromoly. They are designed for high-stress and extreme spring pressures (7/16" x 0.095" single taper 5/16" x 24 TPI) and feature “witness markings” for quick install and precise adjustment.
Vance & Hines high performance ‘Beehive’ style spring kits are designed with “the latest advancements in valve spring technology. Our springs are nano-peened, polished and 100% inspected through load testing.

“They exceed stringent quality standards, offering superior valve stability at high rpm range, are the premium choice for your performance upgrade and “drop-in” ready. No machining of heads is required.”
The retainers are made from 4140 Chromoly steel that has been heat-treated and processed to maintain high strength and lightweight design; the keepers are type FMOD7 with 7-degree lock angle, have triple radius groove and standard install height. Equipped with Chromoly spring bases, the kit comes with Viton seals designed for maximum retention of elastic properties along with “excellent resistance to fluids, heat and aging.” Fitment is for 2005-2016 Twin Cams, 2004-2016 XL Sportsters and 2009-2013 XR Sportsters.
RaceShop forged 2618 aluminum high performance pistons feature Moly coated piston skirts, high-strength, lightweight Chromoly wrist pin, and phosphate coating to reduce micro-welding and pin galling. Forced pin oiling prevents scuffing at start-up and precision-machined ring grooves prevent ring flutter and positive ring seal. The kit includes two pistons, wrist pin, ring set and pin locks.

They are available as Big Bore 107” pistons for 2007-2016 Dynas and 2007-2016 Touring and Softail models; 1999-2006 Dyna and Touring models and 2000-2006 Softails equipped with 4-3/8″ flywheels.

Their high performance hydraulic lifters are described as having a tighter inner diameter grind for substantial lower leak down; they feature direct lubrication to axle and roller needle bearings and allow the use of higher spring pressure and increased rpm capability. Available for 1999-2016 Twin Cams, 2000-2016 XL and 2009-2013 XR Sportsters.
RaceShop high performance chrome coated valves are precision CNC-machined from a stainless one piece forging for higher strength and durability. The high grade allows the design to withstand high heat and maintain roundness. They feature a micro-polished stem for smoother finish and less friction, resulting in improved performance and multi-angle back cuts for enhanced flow.
They have a 7mm stem, and Vance & Hines say these are the first to market to introduce a V-twin hollow stem; intake valve is 1.900” and 2.000”, and they are an estimated 4 grams lighter than OE valves, making them ideal for higher revving engines, according to the company. An Inconel 1.630” exhaust valve is also available for extreme exhaust temperatures.

These high performance valve and spring sets include two valves with springs, retainers, spring bases, keepers and Viton valve seals. Available for 2005 – 2016 Twin Cams.

Vance & Hines has also introduced a range of high performance, fully synthetic lubricants. Their 5W30 primary lubricant is designed to maximize clutch performance and reduce wear while providing smooth operation; their 75W140 transmission fluid is said to be non-corrosive, able to handle severe load and provide maximum protection for gears.