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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension

Arnott launches new lines of “True Onboard” adjustable motorcycle air suspension

Merritt Island, Florida based Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension, who say they are “the leader in ‘True Onboard’ adjustable air suspension kits for motorcycles,” has announced the launch of two new, completely redesigned lines of motorcycle air suspension kits for many popular Harley-Davidson, Indian and Victory models.

Their new premium “Ultimate Ride” air suspension kit includes FOX dampers and is designed to “provide a ride far superior to any kit available in the marketplace today,” according to Director of Marketing Doug Taylor.
The kits include custom-tuned FOX dampers, featuring optional rebound control. “Our kits have long been considered the gold standard in motorcycle air suspension, and the product line has now evolved into two revolutionary categories designed to give motorcycle enthusiasts a welcome choice when it comes to their passion.”
Both categories boast Arnott’s TruAIR technology – described as “true adjustable air suspension, not just simple air cylinders, ‘air-assisted’ devices, or worse: shabby contraptions contrived from automotive part cast-offs and sold as cheap cycle shock knock-offs,” says Taylor.
The new “Ultimate Ride” kit is their top-of-the-line premium product, and that is complemented by the “Smooth Ride” kit, which is a “step up from stock shocks for the motorcyclist about town, offering height and air spring adjustability” at a lower price-point. Both are backed by Arnott’s limited lifetime warranty.
“Arnott’s history as an innovator in air suspension technology is unmatched,” says Arnott Chief Executive Officer Todd Nash. “Now, with the inclusion of FOX technology across many of the motorcycle product offerings, Arnott is at the head of the pack. As Arnott’s marketing motto perfectly suggests: Elevate Your Ride!”
Taylor went on to explain that “some competitive motorcycle suspension companies boast ‘air cylinders’ or promote products as ‘air-assisted’, or sell shocks that have been designed for cars.  The difference between these pretenders and Arnott’s TruAIR onboard adjustable air suspension is the core of ‘The Arnott Advantage’. Our system is designed and custom-tuned for specific motorcycles, providing riders with unparalleled ride comfort, handling, height adjustability and head-turning great looks.”
Their design incorporates a multi-ply Goodyear air bladder, which is attached to a high-quality, nitrogen-charged monotube damper using a patent pending process, and uses small but powerful compressors from Gast and VIAIR with application-specific compressor mounting hardware. Arnott say this results in shocks that provide the flexibility to carry “any load, over any road, comfortably and without painful bottoming.”
Commenting on the differences between Arnott’s approach and that seen on many other product offerings, Taylor says that “systems using air cylinders or canisters enable the rider to raise and lower the bike, but they are not a complete suspension system. This type of device is not coupled with a damping shock, which is necessary for controlling suspension motion and chassis control, thus leading to an inferior ride and poor handling.
“Air-assisted shocks such as those found on some Harley-Davidson, Victory and Indian models include metal coil springs with limited air pressure adjustability to minimize bottoming out while carrying heavier loads. They cannot be adjusted on demand and could fail if over-inflated. In addition, the spring preload cannot be eliminated completely, thus not allowing the motorcycle to drop to the lowest possible seat height.
“Automotive air shocks used in some motorcycle kits were designed and valved for a several thousand-pound automobile application. These shocks are built with outdated twin tube damper technology, inferior air connectors and weak rubber bladders. These auto shocks were not designed to be fully compressed and have no bump-stop, causing metal-on-metal contact when bottomed. This bottoming effect can lead to failure of the product’s poorly welded eyelets, causing a potentially catastrophic event.
“Arnott motorcycle air suspensions are designed specifically for the motorcycle frame being used and the model concerned. They are true motorcycle suspensions that are designed to get the job done.”
In addition to the FOX shock absorber and Goodyear air spring, the Arnott 6061-T6 billet aluminum construction “Ultimate Ride” kit includes a compressor with vent solenoid, mounting bracket and black compressor cover and a handlebar-mounted inflation switch. Available for Softail models, including FXSTB, FXSTC, FLSTF, FLSTN, FLSTC, FLSTSB among others.