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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Sport Chrome

Lifetime warranty on show chrome

Sport Chrome, of Westminster, California, has long been a leader in high-quality chrome plating for motorcycles, and the company has now announced that it is stepping up its commitment to the quality of its work by offering customers a lifetime warranty on show chrome plating on any 2000 and up Harley-Davidson motorcycle wheels and parts.

“We proudly deliver our ‘World’s Finest Chrome Plating for motorcycles’ to dealers around the globe,” says Sport Chrome founder Jonathan Reed.
“Our superior metal finish can be found on all continents of the planet, ranging from top Harley-Davidson dealers and independent motorcycle shops to the top custom designers in the world, such as Roland Sands Design.

“As a result of our continued efforts and focus on providing the finest show chrome plating, combined with our non-stop commitment to expanding and improving our abilities that we can offer such superior quality and service, we are able to announce that orders received for show chrome plating on any 2000 and later Harley-Davidson motorcycle wheels and parts are eligible to be covered by a lifetime warranty! 

“We also cover aftermarket motorcycle products that are made using high-quality materials, and the warranty can be registered on our website by the customer.”
Jonathan started his business from his Huntington Beach garage in 2001, and since then has steered the business into being one of the best known finishing shops in the industry, adding polishing, anodizing and OE contract work, as well as his own line of products.
Dealers can send wheels and other parts to Sport Chrome for chroming, or they can take advantage of the firm’s Chrome Wheel Exchange program.