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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Custom Cycle Control Systems

Climax brand concealed controls packages

Henderson, Nevada based Custom Cycle Control Systems has launched what it is describing as "newly engineered" Climax concealed hand controls packages, with three different handlebar style options available.

Described as entirely self-contained and completely concealed, CCCS say they are designed to solve the "clean handlebar" dilemma with one complete package.
"Climax hidden hand control systems are by far the cleanest looking "self-contained" handlebar systems available. Designed to function as good as they look, these concealed handlebar systems will enhance the look of any bike."
All the lines, wires and cables run through the bars and exit below the top tree. If you choose to buy a complete controls and handlebar package, CCCS also offer three different handlebar styles to choose from: T-Bars, Stealth Bars and Ape Hangers.
All the wires, cables and lines come extra long, so you can "cut to length" and the kits also feature hidden brake and clutch fluid reservoirs, quick and easy syringe action reservoir filling and bleeding, with onboard funnel located inside the grip, and nine micro switches to maintain the stock brake, clutch, interlock, dimmer, turn signal, horn and start switch functions, with two extra switches for custom applications.
They also feature convenient push pin accessibility to the internal throttle and reservoirs (no special tools needed), with an easily accessed dual cable internal throttle.
The front marker lights can be relocated with CCCS bright LED hand levers; a hollow riser mount kit is also offered with standard rubber mount bushings and hollow riser studs. Available in polished show chrome finish or black anodized, they ship with smooth rubber grips, but custom options are available through Accutronix.
The install kit includes everything necessary - hydraulic fittings, relay, bleeder bolt, fill funnel, throttle cables/ends and ferrules, but does not include hydraulic actuator or side cover.