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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Genuine Zodiac products carry 2-year warranty

Multi-function 'Halo' style LED turn signals

These E-approved halo multi-function LED turn signals are available as either turn signal/running light combo with amber LEDs, or Turn/Tail combo light with amber and red LEDs in the center for the turn/tail/stop signal function and red LEDs on the outside that can be wired as running, marker or taillight. They fit the stock 2-bolt indicator mounts on many 1986 to present Touring, 1986 and later FXR, 1986 to present FLSTC, 2006 FLST and 1994 thru 1996 FLSTN.

Zodiac 'Peanut' style Sportster tanks

Zodiac's popular 'Peanut' style tanks fit 2004 to present stock Sportster frames. Fuel capacity is approx. 3.3 gallon (12,5L). 2004 thru 2006 style tanks are available with your choice of Aero-style or Pop-Up style gas cap. Tanks for fuel injected models are available with a screw style bung that accepts the stock gas cap or complete with Flushcap style gas cap. For fuel injected models there is also a version with nostalgic looking side indents that accepts the stock gas cap, or complete with Quick-cam style gas cap. Tanks are 49cm long, 28cm wide and 20cm high.

OE replacement speedo

This Genuine Zodiac electronically controlled black faced speedo, with digital odometer for use on 1996 thru 2003 Softail models equipped with the stock transmission fitted electronic speed sensor pick-up, are 4 1/2" (11.5cm) in diameter, fit the stock dash and feature the direct-plug in terminal as found on 1999 thru 2003 models. Installation on 1996 thru 1998 models requires re-use of the wiring harness from the stock speedometer and crimping our 12-pin connector kit.

Improved performance replacement Twin Cam oil pump

Stock Twin Cams have a small die cast gerotor oil pump that has a wavy washer (Belleville style) to pre-load the pump gears against the cam support plate and pump housing. The side loading from that wavy washer can cause excessive friction and premature wear and give a lot of problems. Because of the small size of the stock oil pump, they often have problems getting enough oil throughout the engine, especially to the valve train components.
Another problem is the lack of scavenging, causing "Wet Sumping". Instead of returning to the oil tank, the oil builds up in the crankcase and cam chest, causing excessive friction/power loss and the oil becomes like "peanut butter".
This can result in oil being forced out of the breather, air cleaner contamination, oil leaks, loss of oil supply, lifter clatter, component wear and even engine failure.
Zodiac say their own brand high efficiency billet, anodized, bolt-in replacement oil pump provides 40% more supply volume and 60% more scavenge volume than the stock oil pump on 88" Twin Cams, and provides 20% more supply volume and 30% more scavenge volume over Harley’s improved 2006 Dyna and all 2007 and later Twin Cam oil pumps. Large diameter gerotors and aerospace materials are used, and the parts of each and every pump are hand-matched to ensure close tolerances to create a high efficiency pump, without the need for a high friction wavy washer. This will provide the Twin Cam engine with maximum reliability and longevity.