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Tuesday, 7 June 2016


O2 installation kit

Available through Drag Specialties, TechnoResearch has this O2 sensor installation kit, comprising two reusable O2 sampler blocks and exhaust port jets, two five-foot exhaust hoses, hydraulic insertion tool and special attachment bolts.

The kit allows for the temporary and convenient positioning of professional wideband tuning sensors on any exhaust system.
When combined with a set of wideband O2 sensors and a dynamometer or even a portable data logger, the installation tool can monitor both cylinders simultaneously, measure exhaust gas accurately and prevent air reversion, all with minimal impact on the exhaust system’s look or performance.
The kit is easy to install with no pump, sampling tube or welding required; when finished, the exhaust heat shields cover the only materials remaining on the exhaust system, two sealed rivets, to maintain the original look.