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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Rack and Pull Industries

Workshop frame realignment system

Rack and Pull Industries' versatile workshop frame realignment system is said to allow any motorcycle workshop to become known as the motorcycle frame and suspension alignment specialist in their area, and consign the days of waiting for another shop to do their job, so you can finish yours and get paid to history!

'The Rack' comes with two towers that are powered by electric over hydraulic and which can "easily slide around for 'The Rack' to be pulled from any direction with ten tons of pulling capability per tower."
'The Rack' also comes with a tool board/bench for the universal mounting system and a multitude of tooling and mounting brackets. It can mount and hold steady any motorcycle for frame repairs.
When used in conjunction with the Straight Shooter Live Laser measuring system, it has the ability to straighten any motorcycle frame (except cast aluminum tube frames, which can't be pulled).
Supplied with a two-piece aluminum ramp that’s sturdy, yet light enough to be picked up and stored away when not in use, if the motorcycle cannot be ridden up the ramp, due to excessive collision damage, there is a dolly and winch system to "effortlessly pull the damaged motorcycle to 'The Rack' for repairs.
"Once the motorcycle is on 'The Rack' there is a variety of pull clamps, brackets and straps that can be used to hold and pull the frame back to factory specs again. 'The Rack' can also be used as a service rack. There is a rear drop panel that unlocks and easily slides out for a technician to remove the rear wheel."