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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

J.W. Speaker

7" adaptive headlights

In addition to their standard U.S. made 8700 Evolution-2 round LED headlamp replacement kit, J.W. Speaker's 8790 A-series "adaptive" headlights are designed to "fill the void of light that occurs during left or right cornering in up to a 30 degree lean."
This is a DOT compliant direct replacement for most stock and aftermarket 7" headlights, and a retrofit for PAR56 headlights. It has the option to program up to 12 start-up sequences, flashing and swirling (according to preference) and is an easy, plug-n-play install with the included H4 connector.
The unit calculates bank angles on a real-time basis, using proprietary technology and onboard sensors, automatically directing the light array up or down as the motorcycle leans.
Available in black or chrome and delivers a powerful 1150 lumen full beam and 750 lumen low beam; a 5.75" round headlight kit is also made by the Germantown, Wisconsin based manufacturer that was founded in 1935 by John W. Speaker.

It combines innovative low beam optics and 'ComfortLite' to provide "best-in-class foreground illumination and light above the horizon, which dramatically improve rider comfort and safety. The heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing and state-of-the-art LEDs not only deliver premium performance, but also give a bike a unique look."