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Monday, 28 December 2015

Rivera Primo

Pro Clutches for the slim-line Harley primary

Rivera Primo has responded to the changes Harley-Davidson has started to make to primaries in 2015 and on 2016 Tourers and selected other models.

Rivera's Ben Kudon takes up the story : "The Motor Company decided that the outer primary chain case on their touring models was too wide for shorter riders, so for 2015 they came out with the touring low model.

"Since they skinnied up the outer primary, they needed to also change out the clutch assembly so that it would fit inside the new slimmer outer. Enter Harley's ASsist & Slip (AS) Clutch, which uses a different mechanism than the standard clutch that everyone has become familiar with.

"For 2016 all the touring models will sport the new, narrower outer primary and the AS Clutch, so we have responded with our Pro Clutch range.
"One of the few nice things about the new stock clutch is that it is centered in the middle of the derby instead off center as previously, so that made our job a little easier. Our 1056-0027 Pro Clutch will fit the 2015 Low and the 2016 touring models, and our 1056-0028 Pro Clutch with TPP Variable Pressure Clutch Assist will fit and handle the horsepower of a torquey big incher on the same models. Use of our 1162-0020 spacer will keep the derby cover away from the TPP."

For those who upgrade or replace the stock engine (with an S&S for example) and find that the stock clutch and basket typically will not stand up to the added power, Rivera Primo recommend their Pro Clutch and basket assembly - available with or without the TPP Variable Pressure Clutch Assist.