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Sunday, 20 December 2015

EICMA 'Milan Show' 2015 Part III

V-Twin 'action' at Milan

The final part of our review of v-twin market news from this year's EICMA 'Milan Show' we present some company and recent new product reports from vendors who sell into the v-twin market that were exhibiting there. This isn't a definitive guide to the v-twin industry 'action', just a selection of the 800 exhibitors (1,400 or so booths) that we managed to get to see while visiting the show.


MOTOREX: Swiss oil blender Motorex will celebrate its 100th anniversary in fifteen months time;


TECMATE: Latest OptiMate products from manufacturer TecMate include additions to their range of powered accessory connection and charging options, a DC to D battery charger, the OptiMate Pro battery preparation optimizer (AMD October) and OptiMate's weatherproof range of accessories as seen in this month's AMD Magazine edition (see page 24);


CARDO SYSTEMS: Recent new products from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based motorcycle audio and communications specialist include the Scala Rider PackTalk 3rd generation motorcycle communications system with DMC and Bluetooth on-board and the feature-rich Scala Rider G9X communication and entertainment system;


MUPO RACE SUSPENSION: Italian race suspension specialist Mupo is the latest European shock absorber manufacturer to enter the Harley aftermarket;