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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

B'Cool Products

26 inch steel fenders

B’COOL's new fender kits for 26 inch wheels are made in the USA from drawn 14 gauge steel and five-axis laser cut for "perfect lines and mounting hole alignments," according to the company.

Available for both 38- and 44-degree total rake applications, the fenders are supplied with chrome or black anodized finish, four-hole fender spacers and all stainless steel button head hardware for stock and aftermarket applications.

They fit all ‘13 and down FLH models, with ‘14 and up kits available soon. Both give 3-1/4 inch of ground clearance with their 'Wrap' series fender featuring an internal gusset plate for added strength in the mounting area, and like the BFS-FL has 3-1/4 inches of ground clearance.

B'COOL Products