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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Wolfgang Publications

Harley-Davidson Performance Baggers

This new book by Timothy Remus (of Wolfgang Publications fame) delivers a detailed look at the new breed of M-8 Baggers, and the Twin Cams that preceded them. The book includes interviews with people like Rick Ward and Bert Baker, and advice on brakes and suspension, from the likes of Beringer and Öhlins.

In addition to the techs and experts, the bulk of this entertaining book is filled with pictures and the story of what makes true Performance Baggers owned by regular riders - on Road Glide and Street Glide platforms. Each of those 20 stories cover the motors, the drivetrain and the chassis.

Some went all the way with a 143 cubic inch M-8 with a blower for 200 hp dyno runs. Other owners left the motor cases in the frame, and installed bigger jugs, ported heads and a tune to achieve 140+ hp. Same goes with the chassis: new shocks and replaced (or upgraded) forks. For brakes maybe they install new front rotors and retain the factory calipers or replace all the components. What they did or didn't do is a lesson to readers in all the possible options and why to use some modifications, in some circumstances, rather than others.

Written by Timothy Remus with the help with experienced builders and owners, H-D Performance Bagger is a high-quality guide for anyone with a late model Bagger or plans to buy that new Bagger.

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