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Tuesday 9 January 2024


Biltwell 2024 - On the Road Again!

Biltwell, the well-known Californian motorcycle helmet and P&A brand, is as equally well known for its involvement in the 'lifestyle' as it is for its contemporary/retro helmet designs and curated hard parts and accessories.

Genuine 'walkers of the walk', Biltwell invests heavily in the kind of events that they would like to go to, that promote the kind of riding that they themselves enjoy (Alaska and back anyone?), and that inform and shape the perception of the Biltwell brand and the lifestyles of the riders it designs its products for.

The coming year will see its events activity reaching another level, starting with its increasingly popular, fast growing Parts & Labor Custom Motorcycle Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, San Diego, California, on January 13, 2024.

What started as a simple parking lot sale over a decade ago has outgrown every venue it has tried to drop anchor at, until it has now landed at what it says is its favorite venue yet - the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

With sponsors ranging from S&S and Metzeler to Choppers Magazine and Old Bike Barn, Parts & Labor mixes the new with the old, with lashings of authentic and good old-fashioned bargains - remember them?

Oh, and not to forget, some 75 or more handbuilt motorcycles on display and 100 or so curated (namely 'cool') industry vendors.

The spring then sees the Biltwell crew getting dirty with the Biltwell 100 Desert Race, near Ridgecrest, California, on April 6, 2024 - where its "all about good times, not lap times." But don't be fooled, there are plenty who take everything they do seriously, including the Biltwell 100.

The summer sees the new iteration of Biltwell's 'People's Champ' Show. What started out as a grassroots recognition for largely amateur customizers, of the kind who never get a look in at the invitational named custom bike shows, continues to morph into a genuine and valuable showcase for the unsung heroes and 'talents of tomorrow' - the amateur builders with professional chops.

We here at AMD are proud that Biltwell has partnered the event with us as an AMD 'Approved' custom show. AMD approval isn't about anything other than drawing attention to the good work that we think people are doing for the future of the custom motorcycle lifestyle, and our industry needs many more 'cred-rich' events like the 'People's Champ' show if it is to help everyone with skin in our game to weather the potential upcoming motorcycle industry turmoil of changing platform technologies and riding experience expectations.  

Biltwell is taking a year off with its El Diablo Run, with the plan being to hold that as a biennial, but then wrapping up its 2024 'eventing' with what will be its 9th annual 'Kernville Kampout' near the Sequoia National Forest in California on the first weekend of October.