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Tuesday 6 December 2022


Barkbusters - Model Specific Handguard for Pan America 


The ever-growing range of model-specific handguard kits available from Australian handguard specialist Barkbusters (Bruce Collins Enterprises, Melbourne), has expanded further, with ever more application specific designs for a wide range of ADV models and off-roaders.

That now includes Harley's Pan America - "allowing discerning riders to switch out the inferior OEM offerings with the best quality hand protection on the market." 



A two-point mount crash protection hardware kit is now available for the Pan America - the new BHG-090 has been specifically designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. 

Two mounting points secure the full wrap around aluminium design with a heat-treated aluminium backbone for added strength and impact protection. Bar end weights are also included. The kit allows riders to protect their hands using one of the five separately available Barkbusters plastic handguard designs.



The 'Jet' is a high impact resistant plastic guard giving the rider a modern, aggressive look - available in a variety of colour variations that match to the Pan America. 

The best-selling 'VPS' is a high impact resistant plastic guard with wind deflectors that can be fitted in two positions for variable wind protection. Deflectors can be removed in minutes for a more compact feel. It is available in a variety of colour variations to match to the Pan America. 


The 'Storm' is the largest high impact resistant plastic guard in the Barkbusters range, "specifically designed to offer the greatest wind and cold weather protection with style." It is available in Black or white. 

The 'Carbon' handguard features a sleek look design for style and wind protection. Made from genuine hand laid carbon-fibre and finished with a UV stable gloss coated resin, it is a "unique blend of style and practicality to complement the look of the bike." 

The 'BBZ' is a large fabric handguard, lined with a waterproof membrane providing maximum cold weather protection, designed for blizzard conditions. It leaves controls free of interference.

Barkbusters products are manufactured in Australia - "Aussie made, Aussie tough"!