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Tuesday 6 December 2022

Baker Drivetrain

Factory 6-Speed Reverse Kit for 2009 & Later Cruise Drive models


Designed, manufactured, tested and proven - the Baker factory 6-speed reverse "is the industry's leading reverse drive for Harley-Davidson motorcycles." 

The reverse gear is safety lever-activated and can only be activated in first gear. In first gear, with the clutch lever pulled in, actuate the safety lever with your thumb and shift below first in order to engage reverse. Release the safety lever and slowly release the clutch and throttle on back. When the reverse maneuver is completed, keep the clutch lever pulled in and shift into first gear. "It's as simple as that," says Bert Baker. 

This reverse kit was designed to be simple and durable for maximum reliability. "You will not need to use the starter motor or wheel pulley because the true reverse gear is incorporated onto the countershaft. This kit will fit any existing 2006-2020 factory Big Twin 6-speed, but not M-8 Softail applications.

"Our non-invasive reverse gear system was designed to be out of the driveline picture when going forward. We did not want superfluous reverse gear mechanisms at play, spinning, jarring and/or adding additional rotational weight where 99.9% of your riding direction is spent. We did not want to compromise safety, performance and horsepower for the tiny moments when going backwards is needed.

"New for this year we proudly introduce the F6R reverse kit for the 2009-later factory cruise drive 6-speeds. The kit includes the door, side cover, countershaft, reverse gears and shift system, safety solenoid and related hardware. It adds a reverse gear to any existing 2006-later factory Big Twin 6- speed.

"The system is unlike any other on the market - it works off the stock shift lever. No reaching near hot pipes to put your bike in reverse by hand. With the Baker reverse system, you'll be able to safely shift from first to reverse and back with no risk of engaging both gears at once. You'll also find it's much easier to find neutral than on a stock bike. 

"Our reverse gears are fully heat-treated, with diamond-ground tooth profiles and cut from gear grade 8620 steel. Our gear ratios were chosen to make it easy for you to maneuver your bike in reverse. The overall 4.98:1 gear ratio in reverse is essentially a creeper gear, which is 45% shorter than the stock 3.34:1 first gear." 

The F6R kit comes standard with a black switch housing. "The redundant spring system on the safety lever assembly make it the safest reverse system on the market today." The included shift drum improves shift quality and the ability to find neutral, and it ships with a true 'plug & play' wiring harness. It is backed by a two-year limited warranty.