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Wednesday 24 August 2022

Vance & Hines

V&H - Next Generation FP4 "Connect. Tune. Ride."
Vance & Hines has announced a next generation FP4 engine tuner update with the latest Bluetooth technology. An engine control module (ECM) flash tuning product, FP4 features an all-new circuit board, case, firmware and mobile app, all of which were designed and manufactured in Santa Fe Springs, California.
"The FP4 brings greater control and optimum performance tuning to Harley-Davidson Touring and Softail models because it's the only app-driven tuner in the market," said Vance & Hines President Mike Kennedy.

"We know riders want the best setup for their Harley-Davidson, just like we do for our race bikes. Think about it, the bike's stock ECM is set for a stock exhaust and factory air intake. When changes are made, like adding a different exhaust or air intake, you need the right tune to get the full performance potential out of the engine."
The heart of the FP4 is the ability to dial-in the motorcycle's ECM tune to match the performance upgrades that a rider adds to their motorcycle - such as an aftermarket exhaust system and a high flow air intake. Owners of the FP4 may choose from a vast library of model-specific V&H maps created in the company's dyno-tuning lab in California - created using actual parts on real motorcycles, not projections made from previous tests. Owners can further develop those maps with a number of customization options found in the FP4 app.
"The FP4 unit has a slimmer and smaller case and a longer wiring harness than its predecessor, Fuelpak FP3, allowing more options for locating the hardware on the motorcycle. It features simplified LEDs on the unit, which display the communication between the unit and the bike. 

"The FP4 also uses the new red OBD II connector, which is now standard on 2021 and 2022 Harley-Davidson Touring and Softail models.
"With FP4, it's as simple as connect, tune, ride. That's the mantra that guided us in developing the next generation of our industry-leading ECM tuner. The FP4 is the most intuitive, easy to understand, rider-friendly tuner in the market, and we're really proud of that."