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Tuesday 30 August 2022

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde

J&H - Triple Sound Mode 'Nomad' for Pan America

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde has developed a completely new electronically adjustable exhaust system for the Harley-Davidson Pan America: The Nomad.
"As always, the system has the ability to switch between three different sound modes with a simple push of a button on the handlebars. In order to blend in and not attract attention, the quiet and whispering Dr. Jekill mode keeps the dBs optimized.

"For a more pronounced sound, the Dynamic mode is ideal for rural areas, and when taking the Pan America off-road, it's time to unleash the roaring Mr. Hyde mode - one exhaust, three personalities."
Available in different configurations, riders can choose between a black and pearl grey body, with a carbon end cap with an aluminum core and optional carbon heat shield.
"The indentation in the body of the exhaust matches that from the fuel tank and makes the exhaust an almost integral part of the bike. The high-end carbon gives it a sportier look and feel and the insert in the end cap gives a recognizable premium touch."