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Tuesday 19 April 2022

Ness Enterprises

Ness - 'Deep Cut' Back in Stock

Dublin, California based Ness Enterprises has its popular Black Contrast 'Deep Cut' parts and new Rough Crafts collections back in stock.
Seen here, Ness' forged billet 'Deep Cut' inverted air cleaner design maximizes airflow by pulling in air from all directions, including the face of the air cleaner. Each performance air filter features an inverted pleated top and is handmade from black synthetic filter element wrapped in a stainless steel mesh. 

Featuring the Ness patent-pending hidden breather system and oil catch/reservoir, the design is shown to increase horsepower, torque and mileage, eliminating oil blow-by on M-8 engines.
Each hidden breather in the CNC-machined forged billet aluminum backing plate is O-ringed at the heads, passes through the backing plate and exits inside the mouth of the throttle body through proprietary shooter tubes. This eliminates the need for any external hoses or hardware for a virtually closed-loop system.

The 'Radius' air inlet makes for unobstructed airflow and specially designed breather bolts hidden under the billet covers give that sought-after clean look.
CNC-machined from a single piece of forged billet aluminum, the air filter housing features an inverted face that acts like a velocity stack by pulling in air into the top of the performance air filter. The CNC-machined style features run from the face of the intake to the backing plate "for eye-catching style at every angle".

Matching black 'Deep Cut' parts include driver and passenger floorboards, horn kit, a selection of shift pegs and grips, including 'Fusion' style grips and pegs, and control components such as shift rod, solo shift arm, heel/toe shift arm, brake arm, inner shift lever and flat shift rod.