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Wednesday 27 April 2022

Biltwell Inc.

Biltwell Inc. Hosts 2nd Annual Biltwell 100 Motorcycle Desert Race in Southern California

April 2 saw Temecula, California based parts and riding gear manufacturer Biltwell Inc. host its second annual Biltwell 100 motorcycle race at the Football Field Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) park 15 miles southeast of Ridgecrest, California.

The park is located on the westernmost edge of the Mojave Desert and has hosted off-road fun in California for decades. The Biltwell 100 pits men and women of all ages and skill levels aboard every kind of motorcycle you can imagine on a closed loop that offers a bit of everything: rocks, sand washes, whoops, high-speed service roads and cactuses. Depending on each rider's skill level and style of motorcycle, Biltwell 100 competitors run one to four laps on the 25-mile course.

This year over 270 men and women in 24 individual classes took the Biltwell 100 challenge. Race organizers tried hard to create classes for everyone and to include a wide range of motorcycles - everything from vintage Triumphs and late-model Ducati Scramblers to minibikes, modern motocross and ADV machines and Hooligan Sportsters. 

"The latter division was particularly stacked," says Biltwell co-founder Bill Bryant. "With nearly 20 novices and experts racing alongside each other, banging elbows on custom Harley desert sleds in the SoCal sun."
To help run the event, Biltwell 100 organizers commissioned desert-racing professionals DP4 to oversee course design, race management and scoring. This allowed Biltwell staff and volunteers to focus on what they do best: free camping, big prizes and good fun. After closing the course an hour before sundown, 1,500 campers and spectators joined racers, organizers and volunteers for an impressive trophy presentation for podium finishers. After the accolades, people partied in the desert just like they've done at Biltwell events for 15 years.
To see scoring for every class at this year's Biltwell 100, visit For a comprehensive explanation of the classes and race format, visit