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Wednesday 27 April 2022

NAMZ Custom Cycle Products

Industry First "Stand-Alone" Fuel Injection System

Designed by electrical guru Jeff Zielinski and the team at NAMZ Custom Cycle Products in association with Thundermax and Dakota Digital, this fuel injection system "allows anyone with an OEM or aftermarket Twin Cam motor and (throttle-by-wire) throttle body to run a Thundermax EFI system on any custom build," according to Jeff.

"To get all of the features of a Thundermax wide-band and self-tuning EFI system, along with a NAMZ 100% plug-n-play wiring harness and exclusive twist grip assembly, is a huge step forward for dealers and custom-built bikes. This kit will offer a speedometer data wire for use with any electronic speedometer and the use of a Sportster or Big Twin fuel pump while providing a ground switched, 'low fuel' output wire for an LED or gauge of your choice."
All the components are made in the USA and the product is slated for release around May/June 2022.
This is a stand-alone fuel injection/engine management kit only. The lighting and switching functions of the bike wiring is not included. NAMZ does offer complete wiring harnesses in three different configurations - the NAMZ NCBH-01-A is the most robust with self-canceling turn signals, a combined run and turn signal front wiring option, and combined run and brake wiring functions on the rear (RED) turn signals.
The second, (NCBH-01-B) is less fully featured as it is intended for amber front and rear turn signals ONLY, and the third (NCBH-01-C) is a "bare-bones" full bike harness without any turn signals but, like the rest, provides headlight, taillight, key switch and all other basic functions to run the motorcycle.
Celebrating 21 years in business, NAMZ and Badlands products are available through Drag Specialties, Parts Unlimited, Tucker, Mid-USA, J&P Cycles, V-Twin, Parts Canada, Parts Europe, Custom Chrome Europe, Motorcycle Storehouse, W&W, Zodiac, Rollies Speed Shop in Australia and Performance Cycle Wholesale Limited in New Zealand.