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Wednesday 9 February 2022


Bolt-On Big Bore Kits for 124" and 128" M-8

"There is no replacement for displacement," says HardDrive V-twin Product Director Krys Brown, "and these new Chris Rivas Rocket Cams M-8 bolt-on Big Bore kits for 124" and 128" come with the pedigree of one of the most respected performance engineers."
These high-quality and durable cylinder and piston Big Bore kits feature entirely U.S.A. made components with the cylinders cast from premium materials and perfectly fitted and matched to their paired-up Wiseco pistons sets. 

M-8 bolt-on Big Bore kit

Rocket Cams cylinders come powder-coated textured black with machined fins for a perfect blend to an OE Harley motor. All kits come with Cometic head and base gaskets and are ready for install. "This ultimate combination of industry-leading manufacturers and experienced racers brings bolt-on horsepower to a new level," says Krys.
Chris Rivas Rocket Cams M-8 bolt-on Big Bore kits for 124" and 128" come with the pedigree of one of the most respected performance engineers.

Available exclusively through the national HardDrive warehouse network, the Rocket Cams performance product line "has been designed, tested and tuned by a record-setting racer and produced by one of the performance products industry leaders - S&S Cycle in WI, USA.
"In the mid-1990s Chris Rivas started drag racing a Sportster and being dissatisfied with the then selection of available cams, he created Rocket Cams in 1996 and proceeded to obtain several titles and championships in AHDRA drag racing.
"In Chris' career he has not only raced at the highest level in NHRA Pro-Stock motorcycle drag racing and land speed racing, but has been very successful at both, setting and holding multiple records along the way. 

Air filter kit

Cam install kit

"In 2012, Chris built the world's first and only 200 mph Bagger with a top speed of 204 mph. More recently, Chris built the world's fastest Dyna with a top speed of 244 mph. His Rocket Cams technology has gone into every one of these bikes, making them perform at the highest level - a level that no other racer or manufacturer has yet been able to top.
"This is the same technology that goes into the street cams offered through Rocket Cams for the HardDrive dealer that is looking for a solid performance combination, time after time."
For M-8 engines there is a choice of 124" and 128" that create the "perfect foundation for performance". The Rocket Cams product line offers all components to round off performance motor builds and to "make the Big Bore sing". When more of a 'Cruise' ride is desired, the best Rocket Cam profile to select would be the 464 or 474, while the 544 works best for a 'Hi-Output' application. The Twin Cam 110" kits pair perfectly with the 574 cam profile for a 'Cruise' scenario and the 584 cam for the 'Hi-Output'. 

Clutch kit
Spring kit

Rocket Cams provides its dealers products made from the world's top industry leaders in V-twin performance manufacturing, from cams, performance clutch kits, valve spring kits, hydraulic lifters, Speedy pushrods and Hi-Flo performance air intakes.
"Cruise modifications are for the heavier/2-up riding or customers that require more power and torque in the lower rpm range, and the exhaust option can be as simple as a good hi-flowing muffler added to the stock head pipe."
Hi-Output modifications are for those riders that want to be more aggressive throughout the rpm range. "This level requires a free flowing aftermarket exhaust and works even better with the addition of a larger intake manifold and/or throttle body.  Ported heads would be a great option for the Hi-Output level as well. 

Rocket Cam for '17 and up M-8

"The preferred exhaust for the Hi-Output customer needs to be a hi-flowing head pipe with 4" mufflers. The best option would be a full length 2 in 1 for any model, however, a 2 in 1 in 2 is a great choice for the best of both worlds for the Baggers.
"Chris Rivas says his tuning unit of choice is the Power Vision as it gives limitless options for tuning each cylinder for timing and fuel. It can also tune even in the most complex builds when transmission gear ratios are changed or chain drive is added - throttle progressiveness can be manipulated, rev limiters can be changed, and it can be used to tune for different types of fuel and various sizes of injectors.