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Tuesday 22 February 2022

Custom Chrome Europe

CCE Adds G&A

They look good and they work "on and off the road": TORC products in hard use while road-testing the new Harley-Davidson and Triumph models.
Custom Chrome Europe continues to invest in its G&A programs, including its popular TORC riding gear, with a trifecta of additions - the TORC "T-3" retro helmet, "Americana" and "Hawthorne" gloves and Pi-Wear "Arizona" goggles.

The TORC "T-3 Retro-Cross" helmet is a "practical, high quality every-day helmet" weighing just 1.85 kg.

Choosing only two glove options from the huge TORC program in the CCE catalog, the "Hawthorne" and "Americana" gloves "stand out for their simplicity and practicability," says CCE Director of Purchasing Guenther Mueller.
"While the black 'Hawthorne' is a more conventional looking, understated design, with the colorful 'Americana' being a true classic style 'show-glove', don't be fooled - both are high quality, fully featured riding gloves that combine comfort with safety."

Americana gloves "combine comfort and safety".

They are both made in high tear resistance premium aniline goat leather, with a 100 percent polyester lining and palm and finger reinforcement. The "Americana" features curved finger structure, internal knuckle protectors, screen-friendly fingertips and a waxed finish with fashionably "used" look.
Described as an "all-purpose glove for everyday use," the "Hawthorne" has been designed for a classic workman's glove look with added knuckle padding, removable "faux suede" liner and high tensile strength nylon stitching in critical areas.

"Hawthorne", an all-purpose glove for everyday use.

The TORC "T-3 Retro-Cross" helmet is described as a "practical, high quality every-day helmet" that weighs just 1.85 kg. Features include removable soft "faux suede" leather liner, air vents, standard D-ring closure, padded chin straps, fiberglass outer shell with metal mesh air intakes and exhaust vents and a chromed frame. The T-3 is DOT and ECE 22.05 approved.
The huge range of additionally available replacement parts and accessory options include frame and strap color choices that mean the Pi-Wear "Arizona" goggles can be configured in some 130 different possible color variations.

Pi-Wear "Arizona" Goggles can be configured in some 130 different possible color variations.

Features include anti-fog coated, optically correct 'Toric' lenses with a wide field of vision; high-quality three-layer foam padding; skin-friendly fleece outermost layer; spectacle-friendly fit and silicone and PU coated adjustable strap with a fit-friendly frame that molds to the rider's face.