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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

S&S Cycle

In Praise of the ‘EVO’
It’s hard to believe, but 2019 marks the 35th anniversary of Harley’s introduction of the 80” ‘Evolution’! Though initially not universally appreciated, it quickly became the platform that revolutionized Harley-Davidson’s finances and corporate standing and did so much to fuel the explosion of the market for aftermarket engines and frames that is thought to have peaked at around 60,000 custom bikes a year in the USA alone by 2006. By the mid-1990s, S&S Cycle had introduced a comprehensive program of stock replacement and upgrade parts for the ‘EVO’, and when Harley withdrew its crate motor program in the mid-1990s, S&S stepped up by introducing its first single part number complete V-twin engine. 

S&S complete engines could be built before, but by ordering all the components and assemblies individually or as kits. In this first of a series of ‘Product Specials’ this year, AMD pays homage to the venerable ‘EVO’ with a whistle-stop tour around a small selection of the current product lines that S&S has on its books for the 1984 - 1999 Big Twins …

Complete Engines
This is a selection of the complete Evo-style engine packages and finishes that S&S has in its current program of complete engines for 1984 through 1999 Big Twins, all with a two-year warranty. Check the S&S website and discuss precise requirements, availability and options, including finishes, with your distributor or direct with the S&S sales team …

S&S Cycle 60th Anniversary 124” Engine

Perfect for the Evo chassis and with the required deck height, the S&S Cycle limited edition 60th Anniversary 124 incher is a thing of beauty, featuring a brushed nickel finish. “We’ve always wanted to do a brushed nickel finish,” says S&S President Paul Langley, “but realized it would be tough to do in quantity, so the anniversary gave us the ideal opportunity. We’re only building 60 of these and will never make them again.” Based on the proven V-Series platform with a massive 124” displacement, each Anniversary engine is hand-built and serial-numbered 1-60, and each includes a matched engine stand with corresponding serialized plaque. Serious horsepower-capable, this S&S Cycle 124” engine also features a long stroke crank, Super G carb and electric compression release. At the time of writing a small number remain available ...


The closest in this selection to an entry level complete engine price point for 1984 - 1999 Big Twins. The V80 is said to provide a performance solution for those who don’t want to go “big inch”. With the same displacement and physical dimensions as a stock Harley-Davidson Evolution engine, the V80 fits in a stock frame just like a stock engine, “but packs a bit more punch, thanks to the Super E carburetor, 508 camshaft and high flow cylinder heads. The V80 is built from the same superior materials as our larger performance engines, so engine life is excellent.” Available as a complete engine with S&S Super E Carburetor and Super Stock ignition.  Long Block versions are available without carb or ignition that are suitable for either carb or EFI applications.  Available in wrinkle black or natural aluminum finishes.

V96 - Wrinkle Black

This nearly stock height engine makes installation easy (+.015”) and features a Super E carburetor with classic teardrop air cleaner cover; 585 cam with lightweight single coil valve springs to reduce engine noise; 3-5/8” bore x 4-5/8” stroke; 96 cubic inches at 9.5:1 compression; forged rocker arms and chrome plated rocker covers, tappet guides and gear cover. The Super Stock ignition protects the engine with a 3-step break-in rev-limiter during first 24 hours of operation. Logged engine data can be viewed via a PC when equipped with the separately available diagnostic cable and software. Initially configured for electric start, it can be switched to kick-start mode using the diagnostic cable and software.

V111 - Black Edition Longblock 

The V111 is a stock replacement upgrade with a lot more power. S&S says the V111 is “perfect for applications that require great horsepower and torque, but not at the expense of dependability and engine life.” Similar to the V124 engines, but with a shorter stroke that results in lower piston speed for longer engine life and less vibration. The lower compression ratio makes fuel requirements less critical, and the automatic electric compression releases make starting even easier. The large cooling fins are said to increase cooling efficiency and the shorter than stock height makes installation easy. It features gloss black rocker covers, oil pump, gear cover, tappet blocks and pushrod tubes and has a 585 cam and forged rocker arms.

V124E 49-State Emissions Compliant - Polished

This is one of the top-of-the-line S&S Evo style complete engines intended for “new build” custom bikes built with a new 1984-’99 style aftermarket frame - it is not to be used in a previously titled vehicle or custom bike built from a previously titled vehicle. This engine comes with an S&S Super G carburetor with the classic teardrop air cleaner cover, polished aluminum finish with chrome gear cover, tappet covers and rocker covers, Super Stock ignition system and data logging. The ignition is initially configured for electric start, however, it is kick-start capable. It comes with all required certification, documentation, labels and a two-year warranty.