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Tuesday, 26 March 2019


Biltwell Donates Helmets for Use at MSF Rider Training Sites

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has welcomed and expressed its appreciation to Biltwell Inc for its donation of 1,800 helmets to the National Motorcycle Safety Fund for use at MSF-recognized Rider Training Sites. 

Mike Ellis (left), General Manager of Biltwell Inc., with MSF's Tim Buche
Helmet pic: Some of the Biltwell helmet models available to training sites

The MSF says that it has "a constant need to replenish our stock of helmets, which are used every weekend by first-time students who take the MSF Basic Rider Course at over 2,000 locations around the country."
With Biltwell's consent, the MSF is selling the helmets to the training sites at a nominal cost, with all proceeds going to the National Motorcycle Safety Fund. The NMSF is MSF's 501(c)(3) charitable division which has funded crash research, motorcycle safety videos and publications, alcohol and drug education programs for motorists, and other initiatives aimed at creating a safer riding environment for all motorcyclists.

Mike Ellis, General Manager of Biltwell, said: "We had an extra quantity of our Gringo and Gringo S model helmets available, so rather than having them sitting in inventory, we realized we could put them to better use by donating them for use at MSF training sites, which would improve the students' experience."
"We always strive to provide the safest and best motorcycle training experience available, and, like motorcycle riding itself, it all starts with putting on a good helmet," said Diane Howells, President of Motorcycle Safety School, Inc., of Brooklyn, NY. "We are grateful to Biltwell for their ongoing support of motorcycle training."
 According to MSF President Tim Buche: "These types of donations enable multiple win-win situations. The training sites with their limited budgets can upgrade their helmet inventory at little cost; students can enjoy wearing fresh, modern helmets during the hands-on course; NMSF gains funding for future research and outreach projects; and Biltwell gets the tax benefits of a charitable contribution." Tim implores other companies and individuals to visit the NMSF website,, and donate to further motorcyclist safety.