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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Motorcycle Storehouse

Motorcycle Storehouse Additions

‘Mohawk’ Windshield - National Cycle

A descendant of the Flyscreen, the Mohawk windshield by Maywood, Illinois based manufacturer National Cycle is a larger and more functional V-profiled screen with added height and width, delivering improved comfort. The included hardware is identical to the Flyscreen with fully adjustable fork tube mounting. All come with a 95% dark gray FMR hardcoated Lexan polycarbonate shield for optimum scratch resistance and an almost unbelievable strength and impact resistance. Dimensions: 9.25" high (23.5 cm) x 11.75" wide (29.8 cm). Available for 43 mm, 44-51 mm or 52-56 mm fork tubes, with straight or curved bracket, chrome or black hardware. A headlamp mount version (straight bracket, chrome or black hardware) installs to most naked bikes with open forks and exposed headlamps.

Moto-Master H-D Brake Rotors
Moto-Master is an established Dutch, high-end brand in the world of road racing, Superstock 1000/600, Superbike and MX/Enduro racing, Adventure Touring and “component killer” rallies such as the notoriously demanding Paris Dakar. ISO 9001:2015 and TÜV/ABE - KBA certified, Moto-Master now offers the same quality brake rotors for Harley-Davidson applications.

Altmann Ignition Modules

Used on H-D engines to install an advanced, fully adjustable and dependable ignition system, German made Altmann ignition modules are said to be “super simple to set up - even easier than a points ignition. Perfect for any stock to performance application and ideal when converting from injection to carburetor, adjustments can be done with the engine off or running.
“Altmann ignitions are ideal for custom bikes – the tiny unit measures just 6 x 7 x 3 cm, smaller than a packet of cigarettes, and with no computer required, they are pretty much Plug ‘n Play and suitable to provide the best timing for maximum power for all engine capacities and tuning levels, including stock. 

The AMM-P3M8 single fire ignition for 2017 and up M-8 engined Big Twins is compatible with the stock crank sensor and coil. Three control knobs allow four settings for each range - maximum advance, advance curves and rev-limiter in 5750, 6000, 6250 and 6500 rpm (not compatible with stock wiring harness; Mikuni HSR carbs are a very tight fit between the M-8 heads; Keihin carbs will not fit; reinforced polyamide manifolds for S&S Super E/B and Ultima R2 and S&S Super G/D and Ultima R1 carbs).
For older bikes (all Big Twins 1936-1999 excluding Twin Cam, ’71-’03 XL and Buell XB, and 1936-1973 Flatheads), the AMM-P2 single/dual fire ignition requires a single or dual fire sensor plate and comes with 16-stage maximum advance, advance curves and 5000-8000 rpm rev-limiter in 200 rpm steps. Perfect for kickstart. Only 2.5V required to function.
A Twin Cam with BDL nose cone (BDL 515186 for gear driven cams only) will enable the rider to kickstart a Twin Cam. Distributor models require a distributor that allows a H-D style electronic sensor plate and pick-up (like S&S, Mallory).