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Wednesday, 12 December 2018


New Foose Designs and Sizes

Southgate, California based manufacturer Metalsport has introduced new designs of Chip Foose’s Signature Series wheels.
Using USA forged wheel blanks made from 6061-T6 aluminum, “these wheels are machined to the exacting tolerances and details that you have come to expect from Chip Foose,” says Metalsport’s Terry Quintana.

Bel Air

The ‘Bel Air’ features five spokes, with each spoke splitting into two in a style that is described as “reminiscent of years gone by.” The second new design from Chip Foose is the ‘Vortex’ - just as its name suggests, “when this wheel rolls, it appears to be spiralling like a whirlpool.”
These 2D wheels come in sizes starting from the 16x3.5 up to and including Metalsport’s monster 34 incher. “All our wheels come with hubs and we offer matching rotors, pulleys and sprockets. We can even offer the wheel already mounted with your choice of Vee Rubber or Shinko tire.”


Metalsport offers a full line of 3D and 2D finished wheels featuring over 25 designs, including the Chip Foose exclusive line, and says is has one of the largest selections of wheel sizes in the market with sizes starting from 16” to the monster 34” wheel - all available with matching rotors, pulleys and sprockets.
Also seen here, and another addition to its 2019 offer, this ‘Four by Five’ designed by Shannon Davidson is available in chrome, all black anodized and chrome with color-matching for the inlay.

Also exclusive to Metalsport , the design features five spokes with an inlay option - each spoke has the inlay that allows the customer to personalize it (or not). As seen here, this is the 3D chrome version. Sizes start from the 16x3.5” up to and including the monster 34 incher.
Shannon Davidson's Taylorsville, North Carolina based Chopp Shop is Metalsport's East Coast distributor. The ‘Four by Five’ is also made from USA 6061 forged aluminum blanks and available with matching rotors, pulleys and sprockets and choice of ready mounted Vee Rubber or Shinko tire.
In more news from the Californian manufacturer, its 2D styles are now also available in two new sizes, 21x5.5” and 23x5.5”.