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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

GPS Racing

GPS/BST Flat Track Carbon Wheels

South African carbon wheel specialist Blackstone Tec (BST) has these lightweight, high strength wheels available for Flat Track racing.
Flat track product specialist GPS Racing of Oakdale, California, has partnered with noted South African carbon wheel manufacturer Blackstone Tek (BST) to manufacture carbon fiber wheels for Flat Track racing.

The wheels will be co-branded and are designed specifically for flat track and speedway competition. Currently available in widths from 2.15” to  3.50”, “when races can be won or lost by hundredths of a second, you need the world’s finest (and fastest) wheels - lighter and stronger than conventional materials, carbon fiber improves handling by reducing rotating mass.”
Greg Siekierski, President of GPS says that “weight is reduced without compromising strength by combining woven and unidirectional carbon material to form a monocoque (single unit) design with hollow spokes. This technique produces a wheel strong enough to handle the rigors of the track while light enough to make a difference that racers feel.
AMA ‘gave the nod’ to allow carbon fiber wheels in 2015. “We take the BST wheel and mount it, the bond it to our own in-house precision machined billet GPSR hub. Before AMA Pro Flat Track decided to allow our wheels in competition, they reviewed stress test data for impact, torsional, radial, and cornering loads. The data shows that the wheels exceed the stringent (US) DOT (Department of Transportation) and (Japan) JWL (Japan light alloy wheel standard) safety standards. The JWL is the most stringent wheel standard in the world.”