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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Baker Drivetrain

Never miss neutral again

Baker Drivetrain’s N1 shift system eliminates missed neutral by relocating neutral to the “bottom” of the shift lever travel, below first gear, rather than between first and second. In addition to securely ensuring that neutral is easy to find, it eliminates accidental ‘neutral-catch’ during aggressive first to second changing.

Also popular for hand shifting bikes, N1 shift drums are available for 4-speeds with the existing ‘52-‘79 ratchet tops with no modification, ‘80-‘06 Big Twin 5-speeds (except Dyna), 6-speed Big Twins ’80-‘00 (with or without Baker DD6) and 6-speed cruise drives on ‘06-‘17 Big Twins and ’17-present M-8s.
Baker start with a solid chunk of steel, machine in all the features, then remove the unnecessary material. Two Teflon coated bushings are pressed into the drum axis bore for smooth rotation on shifts.