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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Lowbrow Customs

KR Style Bolt-On Hardtails for Ironhead Sportsters

Inspired by the early Harley-Davidson looped KR style race frames, this KR style bolt-on hardtail from Brunswick, Ohio based Lowbrow Customs fits stock front frame sections on Ironhead Sportsters from 1967 to 1978. 

LowBrow’s ‘High Brow’, Tyler Malinky, a man known for assiduous attention to detail and authenticity, says “Harley-Davidson produced the KR factory race bike in 1952, and it dominated the track until production ended in 1968. Until now, KR style looped hardtail frames were unavailable.” 

Fortunately, Lowbrow Customs is known for producing original, high-quality custom motorcycle parts and this KR Style hardtail is no exception. It accepts the stock rear wheel, axle and brake, and includes axle adjusters. The unique style and simplicity of installation provide a perfect base for any Ironhead Sportster bobber, chopper or race bike build.
“Each frame is hand-made from 1” x .125” wall crew tubing with 5/16” thick axle plates and designed to bolt right up to your frame with ease. Lowbrow KR hardtails are approximately 4” stretch over stock wheelbase and 2” drop (2 inches lower than stock). Each hardtail frame section is proudly made in Cleveland, Ohio exclusively for us, to our own design.”