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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Cardo Systems

Voice-Command Operated Motorcycle Communications Systems

Cardo Systems, who claim global leadership in the fast growing, rapidly developing and highly competitive motorcyclist wireless communications systems market, appears to have made a big leap forward in terms of the user-friendly ergonomics of its PACKTALK line.
Its next generation PACKTALK Bold features voice-command activation, coupled with their Dynamic Mesh Communication technology, and is said to be the world’s first natural voice-command operated motorcycle communications system.
Utilizing Cardo’s proprietary Dynamic Mesh Communication technology, the company says it has created “the industry’s most sophisticated and dynamic motorcycle communications system.”
First seen at EICMA, Milan, last November, Cardo says PACKTALK Bold “represents a new standard in ease-of-use, seamlessly integrating with Apple’s Siri and “OK Google” voice-command platforms. 

Cardo’s founder and CEO Abraham Glezerman: “PACKTALK Bold is the world’s most powerful, yet easy to use motorcycle communications system, and it takes rider safety to the next level”

With natural voice-command, riders can simply say “Hey Cardo,” and the always-on system reacts instantaneously. It no longer requires a specific activation action such as push-to-talk. Instead, the system allows riders to keep their hands on the bars at all times. Cardo sees this as “a significant advancement over current systems that required sometimes tedious and ineffective activation commands.
“PACKTALK Bold is the world’s most powerful, yet easy to use motorcycle communication system, and we’re thrilled to bring it to North American riders,” said Dr. Abraham Glezerman, Cardo’s founder and CEO. “With PACKTALK Bold, we’re taking rider safety to the next level: instead of fidgeting with buttons or wheels, riders can now voice-control their unit on the go in a natural way and without ever having to take their hands off the bars.”
The system utilizes the new minimalistic and intuitive Cardo Connect mobile app for setting and controlling the company’s entire Freecom and PACKTALK line of devices on the road, with the all-new Cardo Assistant App interfacing the rider’s natural language commands.

Cardo Dynamic Mesh technology allows up to 15 riders to wirelessly communicate with each other with the same ease of connecting just two. Unlike Bluetooth communications, Dynamic Mesh Communication-powered devices are interconnected, thus allowing a group of riders to seamlessly join, leave or change positions at a distance of up to five miles without causing a breakdown in communications. The self-adjusting network automatically works to keep the riding group connected and features “class-leading” wind noise suppression.
“PACKTALK Bold merges our pioneering Dynamic Mesh technology with smoothly activated natural voice commands to deliver a superior riding experience that simply can’t be understated," said Dr. Glezerman.
The system uses a single-unit design, which is simply clipped to a helmet and features a slick roller controller for easy volume adjustment. Its rider-to-rider range is up to one mile or up to five miles when used in a group mesh arrangement.
Cardo also announces the availability of PACKTALK Slim, an integral communicator, packing the same performance inside a 0.25” super sleek and thin shell. PACKTALK Slim is recommended by HJC - it also fits a host of other premium helmets from manufacturers such as Shoei, Arai, Bell and others.
Both products use Bluetooth 4.1 to easily connect with mobile devices like phones and GPS units, as well as universal connectivity to any Bluetooth communicators. It also features automatic volume control, smart intercom/music mixing, rider-to-passenger audio sharing, FM radio, and up to 13 hours of talk time.
All Cardo units are IP67 certified as fully waterproof and have a two-year warranty and a U.S. based customer support system.