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Wednesday, 8 August 2018


HardDrive adds Diag4Bike Diagnostics and Tuning

Launched in Europe in 2011 and available there through distributors such as Zodiac International and Custom Chrome Europe, the Diag4Bike (D4B) range of Czech designed and manufactured diagnostic and EFi tuning systems was first seen in the United States at the V-Twin Expo where the company exhibited and gave seminar sessions for two or three years.

Advanced dongle

Basic dongle

There has been some distribution of the product line in the U.S. but with Boise, Idaho based HardDrive American V-Twin Products picking the line up expect to see more dealers, including authorized Harley dealers starting to use the D4B program in the coming years.
HardDrive’s industry veteran V-Twin Product Specialist Gunnar Heinemeyer says that “even though Diag4Bike is not a common name here in the States, the product is top notch and allows dealers to save the most, make the most and provide the best service to their customers.”
The manufacturer of the D4B range is Actia Atal in the Czech Republic - a leading diagnostic manufacturer for automotive companies like Audi and BMW for the last 25 years and, since 2012, for Harley-Davidson.

Some of the most important features of the Diag4Bike diagnostic tool include being able to bleed ABS brakes from the manifold through the computer by front, or rear or in combination; seeing and clearing current or historical codes; run a full system ‘Motorcycle Report’ and make electrical system checks via the ‘Toolbox’ function; pair new items to the motorcycle - such as radios, speedometers, ECM, TSSM and HFSM modules; flash a blank ECM (advance dongle and pre-registration is required); test all actuators such as fuel pump, TPS, turn signals, etc. and adjust the idle and TBW response lag.
An advanced dongle and pre-registration is required direct with the manufacturer for some of the functions, such as blank ECU flashing, disarming a security system and replacing or reassigning key fobs; as is an annual upgrade service, but most of the primary and most often required functions are on-board and readily accessible.

All real-time data such as Voltage, AFR, TPS, temperature is more are easy to read, and dealers can improve the professionalism of how they engage with their customers with a customer-specific diagnostic report print out and final tune report with their store logo. In tuning terms, the dongles are married to one motorcycle and will also store the stock calibration for future needs (the stock MAP can also be saved to a computer). The USB dongles act like keys to the ECM - they unlock them to allow exportation of the calibration MAP to the screen, make adjustments or choose a MAP and import it back to the bike. This all happens within minutes.
The basic dongle (blue) is a similar concept to the V&H Fuel Pack but without the external module. It offers limited adjustments of +/- 20% in the low, medium and high ranges. Some other functions include acceleration enrichment, spark advance map for each cylinder, on/off closed loop and TBW speed up. This dongle is best for situations of Stage 1 type conditions (exhaust/slip-ons, air cleaner)
The advanced dongle (orange) offers the full range of functions and will open up the MAP for individual cell modifications across all RPM/TPS ranges, as well as offering a choice of performance MAPs for tuning and timing.
Other functions, in addition to those offered by the basic dongle, include AFR adjustment for each cylinder, VE maps display with adjustment possibility for each cylinder and idle speed temperature. This dongle is best for Stage 2 and up type performance needs (such as exhaust, cams, throttle bodies, big bore, heads). HardDrive offers a ‘Shop Pack’ with four of the advanced dongles for the price of three.
Tuning Parameters include but are not limited to RPM limiter, idle and warm-up characteristic, dynamic and temperature enrichments, TBW dynamic control settings, engine displacement, injector flow and more.
The Diag4Bike will diagnose model years ‘02-‘18 Delphi and ‘95-‘01 Marelli (limited functions) and tune model years ‘06-‘18. An AFR Monitor is not required, unless needed to create a completely custom MAP calibration (which will need dyno runs or a very intricate test ride).
The D4B will work with other company’s ECUs, such as Thundermax, Daytona Twin Tec, and others.