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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

V-Twin Manufacturing

‘46-‘47 Replica Knucklehead 30° Rake Frame

Of its latest new replica frame design from Newburgh, New York based V-Twin Manufacturing says that “this is the closest thing you’ll get to an authentic 1946 to early 1947 Knucklehead frame.”

Described as an authentic reproduction of the factory style bull neck frames, forged parts in the construction include the neck, front and rear motor mounts, side car loops, yoke and rear axle plates. The 30° neck angle will accept offset spring forks.
The top cross member across rear legs is brazed, as on the original Knucklehead frames. The seat post is included, with the seat post bushings, mechanical brake cross shaft bushings, correct tool box mount, and grease fittings pre-installed.